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Lyka-Furniture is a brand that was set up in 2014, with the idea to make premium furniture affordable for all buyers. Right from its inception, Lyka-Furniture’s key focus area has been quality. Our idea of creating great furniture stems from the fact that we believe that great furniture is meant to last

This is irrespective of the number of hours that it is put to use. Even years after one buys the furniture, it should look and feel as good as new and should never fail to attract compliments from all onlookers. When we create furniture, the main thing that we keep in mind is that the furniture should give great service to its users. We create furniture that lasts, and that’s what makes us stand out in this highly competitive industry.

What we do for you?

Furniture is but an expression of the homeowner’s taste. One would also want to ensure that the furniture design concept complements the existing décor scheme of the living environment. We design and create the furniture accordingly, and each furniture item that we come up with is a high scorer on functionality.

We create furniture with character. They add warmth to the indoors, and a breezy presentation during the springs and summers. You could come across furniture items in a basic and neutral color scheme, which add to the glory of the existing décor scheme. But, when you are looking for new and trendy furniture, distinctive from the normal, you are sure to find it at Lyka-Furniture. Delighting customers and winning their trust is a working motto that we have been able to keep up to. When you go through our catalog, you are just about sure to
find something that you like, be it for home furniture or office furniture.

With each passing year, some new furniture styles crop up which take the world by storm. At Lyka-Furniture, your preferred furniture store, we have made it a part of our work culture to keep up with the trends. When a furniture design is creating waves across the world, you are sure to find it at Lyka-Furniture. We only create premium furniture that is 100% original after sound research and development. It is just that we keep getting inspired by the global fashion trends in furniture.

Outdoor dining sets, cane furniture, sofa sets, outdoor swings, outdoor coffee table sets, Rattan furniture, Wicker furniture, and just about all sorts of outdoor and patio furniture, you’d find it all at Lyka-Furniture. A single
vendor for all your furniture requirements – Lyka-Furniture does it all for you!

Our founding members have a firm belief that quality furniture should be accessible for all people. This is irrespective of one’s buying power or the distance from the furniture stores. Brick and mortar furniture stores may make a limited variety of furniture items available because they have limitations over how much
inventory they could maintain. But, one no longer needs to compromise upon what furniture one wants to buy. At Lyka-Furniture, you’d come to see that the items are a perfect match for your taste.

If you have ever felt like you’d like to buy something similar to the item being displayed, you’d find this liberty at Lyka-Furniture. With the variety we make available, some furniture variations will always be available. So, you can always go for exactly what you want and that too at pocket-friendly prices.

At Lyka-Furniture, we are dedicated to offering a premium experience for our visitors and buyers, at all levels. We have created our website to be easy to navigate. You could use the search bar to figure out the exact product that you are looking for, or browse through our well-defined categories. Further, to your aid are robust cross-search functionalities that make centering down on your desired products easy as can be. Our payment gateways are 100% secure.

We deliver to all parts of India, and you receive the products that are exactly the same as you see them in our catalog, and premium quality. Deliveries are fast and prompt. But in the rare case when you intend to return the products that you receive for any reason, we make provisions available for the same as well. You can return the products to us within a pre-defined time window.

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