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For our goods (Outdoor Furniture, Garden Furniture, Patio Furniture, Wicker Furniture), we are searching for new dealers and franchisees throughout India. Interested parties may get in touch with us.
investors with fresh perspectives and expertise. Anyone or any organization interested in partnering with us can email us at info@lykafurniture.com.
Architects and designers who might be interested in collaborating with us to offer outdoor furniture, wicker furniture, and unique designs to their clients are welcome to get in touch with us at – Visit info@lykafurniture.com@gmail.com to learn more.
Producer of the original equipment. Companies interested in purchasing raw materials, raw wicker, wicker cane, and plastic wicker can purchase these items from us with a warranty at a fair price. Companies and brands with large orders for outdoor wicker furniture made with their own designs and brand names are also considered. Please feel free to reach out to us at info@lykafurniture.com for additional information.

Franchisee, Dealer & Distributor

 We are looking for new dealers & franchisee for our product (Outdoor Furniture, Garden Furniture, Patio furniture, Wicker Furniture) India wide. Interested people may contact us.


Investors with new ideas and experience. Individual or company Interested in investing with us may contact us at : info@lykafurniture.com


Architects and Designers interested in partnering with us for supply of Outdoor furniture & Wicker furniture and special designs as per their requirement, to their client may contact us at – See more at:  info@lykafurniture.com@gmail.com

O.E.M Solution

Original equipment manufacturer. Company Interested In buying Raw material, Raw Wicker, Wicker cane, Plastic Wicker can also Buy from Us at reasonable Price with Warranty. Company, Brands with bulk requirement for production of Outdoor Wicker Furniture with their brand name and own designs are also entertained. Please feel free to contact us at – See more at:  info@lykafurniture.com


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